Saturday, September 22, 2007


Sandy the builder wanted to work today Saturday) to finish off a few bits and pieces, so we didn't get a Saturday lie in, but I advance too swiftly!
We always go to bed at 11 o/c latest, so that we can leap out of bed when the alarm goes off at 7 am. Last night Arthur went up at about five to and left me to close down my computer programmes and put the cats to bed etc. That's when it started. My computer gave me a flashing red URGENT message to say that my antivirus needed updating and I was in an unprotected and dangerous situation. I tried to update it but it kept telling me it was already fully updated. Then I'd get this red message again and so on. I called to Arthur that I was going to do a quick scan and would them be up. It took ages to do, and still said that I was unprotected and in a vulnerable situation. I had no choice but to close down and go to bed, hoping it would have sorted itself by the morning.
By the time I'd said my prayers it was gone midnight. Then I couldn't sleep. I was just on the brink, when Arthur sat up and started going on about handkerchiefs. When I told him to shut up and go back to sleep he insisted that he had to get a hankie but they were kept on the floor and he couldn't find them! I told him to light the torch we keep by the bed, and he would see the hankie box on his bedside table. First he couldn't find the torch, then he didn't know how to turn it on. I was getting more awake by the second! I took the torch from him, turned it on, and shone it on the hankies, he then returned the torch to his bedside cabinet and went back to sleep. I didn't!
About 1.30 I was just drifting into that lovely cosy spot that you get to just before you switch out like light, and Arthur sat up again waking me once more! 'Now what' I said (not best pleased) ' I can't switch on the torch' mumbled his Lordship. He kept saying 'It's all wet there' and waving the torch about in the darkness. I grabbed the torch out of his hand, switched it on and illuminated the bedroom. 'There, there's no wet anywhere,. For goodness sake go to sleep' I snatched the torch from him, switched it off and put on my side of the bed. In doing so my arm brushed against the clock/radio alarm and must have compressed the snooze button. Immediately the radio came on! I had no idea how to cancel my snooze button as I'd never used it before. Nothing would make the radio go off, and I didn't know how long a snooze it was set for. I lay there listening to World news at about 2am praying that it would switch off in about ten minutes. I couldn't turn the radio low because then, if I went to sleep and the alarm went off as planned at seven, I would never (after such a night) hear the radio and wake up. I couldn't leave it at the required volume to awaken us in the morning, because I would never get to sleep at all!. Arthur was, (the swine),out for the count!
After it had been going for 55 minutes I drifted off. Thank goodness I awoke later and the thing had gone to sleep. I sat up and reset the alarm for seven and then went to sleep. At six o/c, I was awakened again by Emma jumping off the bed, Usually a signal that she's about to poo on the floor unless I put her out pronto. I leaped out of bed and she followed me to the loo where I had to stop off first. I then got halfway down the stairs and realised that Emma wasn't following me. I called her... no response. I dragged myself weary and aching back up to the bathroom door where she was waiting. As soon as she saw me she trotted to the bedroom door and waited for us both to go back to bed! I think she only got down to stretch her legs! It was now six o'clock and I seriously wondered if it was worth going back to bed, just to experience the joy of drifting off beneath the warm duvet, only to be rudely woken up 1 hour later to radio 4 baring a wake-up call. But I did.
When I switched on my computer about half past eight, not only did I still get the red message, but I couldn't open ebay or several other sites. The monster kept saying it could be unsafe as their certificates had run out and they were no longer registered. I tried ringing John but he was caught up in a family crisis, and Philip was still in Madeira. In the end I rang Keith my friendly neighbourhood Computer whizz. He said check your clock and calender. I did and it read 22nd Sept. 2009! I had transported myself into the future where nothing had been updated for two years!. I was so relieved. I was sure that I'd been zapped by some awful virus, just to round off my surreal night!
Needless to say, I feel soooo tired and Arthur couldn't remember much about it!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Went to see the doctor today because of my high BP. He took it again and said it was a bit high, but not enough to change my medication and to look at it again in three months, So I'm not about to have a stroke!
My blood test that I had done yesterday was back, and it was 6. I asked him what that meant and he said it meant very good, in fact he would say it meant excellent! So whatever I'm doing diabetic wise, I seem to be doing well!
He looked at my cholesterol which was reading 3! So my arteries don't seem to be in danger of closing down!
I told him that I am having great difficulty in keeping awake, even at eight in the evening. He said unfortunately, that was a side effect of my BP tablets! So I don't appear to be harbouring any undesirables at this point!
All in all not a bad trip out, but more to come. While waiting for the cab home, I rushed into the factory shop to get some more of those plastic crate things, and they were almost sold out. I bought five more packs which should see the job through So a VERY GOOD TRIP OUT.
Tomorrow is the only day this week (well since last Saturday actually) that I haven't had something booked for, so it will be spent clearing out kitchen cupboards and throwing out stuff that I haven't used in the past year!
Incidentally, talking of throwing out, did you all know that the old post office building is going to open next Thursday as a St Luke's Hospice shop. So that will be a good thing.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


It is with a very happy heart that I rejoin the 'Bloggers'. As you probably all know by now, Arthur was given a sort of reprieve today when the scans that he had, showed that his cancer had not spread. This gives me mixed feelings, as I cannot but help feel bad, that everyone in this position hasn't had the same results. But it's also very scary to think that you might lose someone who has been part of your life for 59 years!

So I close this blog with a poem I wrote for Arthur a few years back, and tomorrow will start again with a lighter heart, and lots of fun news. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers XXX


You are the last piece in the jigsaw that makes my life complete
You are the shining beacon that lights up the corners of my soul
Like sunshine

You are the Laurel to my Hardy
The light for my dark
The joy for my sorrow
You make my life complete

You are the keeper of my secrets, a friend for all my life
You are early light that wakens up the daytime and
The dusk that enfolds me

You are the vinegar with my chips
The butter with my bread
The sage with my onion
You make my life complete

You are the reason that I promised, “Till death us two do part”
You are my strength my shoulder to cry on

You are
So am I

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while, but most of you know that we have had a worrying week, and I haven't really felt like posting or commenting much.

To those of you who haven't heard, I'd better let you know that Arthur had the results of his biopsy today, and unfortunately it was positive. We are now embarking on a journey that we pray will have a happy and positive ending. May I take this opportunity to thank all of you, family, friends and people that I don't even know, for your prayers and good wishes. Please keep your prayers going, we really need and appreciate them.

The other upset that we had was Willum our cat going missing. Again thank you all for your concern. When he finally returned home he didn't look happy, so we took him to see Andy his friendly neighbourhood vet. Willum being Willum let Andy roll him around, poke things up his nether regions, prise open his jaws and peer down into mouth and throat. He put him on his back, on his front, hung him up by his tail (only joking Tina) took his temperature and said he couldn't find anything wrong. I knew better, he wasn't eating and didn't look good. As Andy turned his back to enter it all on the computer, Willum made a little noise and started to furiously lick his thigh. Aha! said Andy. Look! slug slime trails up his tail and back! The upshot was that he'd had a bundle with another cat who had bitten his thigh. In an exhausted state willum had zonked out under a bush all night, too tired and aching to come home. Snails and slugs had walked all over him while he was asleep. He gave him a healthy shot of antibiotics (£49 worth!) and now he is as right as rain!

We are busy also emptying cupboards and sorting out the contents into piles. One to keep, one to offer to people who want, and one to give to the charity shop. This is in preparation to the builder coming next Tuesday to start building me a downstairs loo in my utility room. I'm having to lose at least three double wall cupboards to make room, hence to clear out. Expect some hair raising tales when they start. I'm sure I'll have some!

Nice to be back in the circle again. Till next time Adios!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Little fly upon the wall
Ain't you got no shirt at all?
Ain't you got no shimmy shirt?
Brrrrr Ain't it cold!

Mum used to say this on chilly day, anyone remember? Well today I'M saying it because I feel bloomin' cold. We've put the heating on for an hour to warm us up a bit as my fingers are really cold!

Not a lot to report today. Arthur is doing really well, no problems with anxiety and the bleeding that they told him to expect to last for fourteen days, stopped last night! Not sure if that is good or not and might ring the hospital to find out.
We were a bit naughty last night. Because of the trauma of the day, (Isn't it easy to justify things?) we treated ourselves to fish and chips for tea. It was delicious, freshly cooked and delivered to out door. All I had to do was heat the plates and get the sliced gherkins out! We did enjoy it. I spent the evening doing a bit of decoupage and watching TV. We watched 'Young Elvis in Colour' did anyone else? Then I watched the drama 'Forgiven' which gave a very interesting insight into child abuse. Can't say I enjoyed it (who could) but it was compelling viewing and didn't actually show any child abuse.

We have a DVD to watch tonight called white noise, This is the synopsis:
What would you do if you could tell who was about to die? Would you try to intercede, to stop something horrible happening? Would you tempt fate? Would you play God? Nathan Fillion (Slither, Serenity) stars as Abe Dale, a man faced with that terrifying choice. After his family is brutally murdered and surviving his own near death experience, Abe undergoes a transformation that allows him to “see” those among the living who are about to die. But when he tries to save people from their fate, he discovers there is an ultimate price to be paid for interfering with the natural order of life and death

It sounds a bit nasty, and I'm not sure if I want to see it, Has anyone else seen it. What do you all think?

Today I'm going to make a summer pudding for dinner. I haven't made one for years, but bought a white loaf specially for it. If I sweeten the fruit a little with Splender, I can have some too. I'm also going to make a bread and butter pudding (which I can't share in) for Arthur, poor little love. That will perk him up no end!

By the way Babs. Because the cat flap magnetic system isn't working, the cats don't need to walk around with big magnets hanging from their collars. So, I've removed the old ones and fitted Boomer and Willum with those diamonte ones that you and Mo bought for them - very smart!

Do you all know about Sandiue's abcess on her tooth? What a thing to get when she has visitors for the next week and a half! Poor thing. But she said it didn't hurt and that is very strange, as I remember Babs with a face like the Elephant Man and in agony when she last had one. I just pray that it wasn't the calm before the storm! I shall ring her later and find out if she is still pain free. I do hope so.

Well that's all for now. I'll let you know how the summer pud comes out.
Bye for now XXX

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It seems like ages since I last entered anything in my blog. Things, as most of you know, have been a bit hectic here since Sunday. My son John, and his two stepsons were supposed to be repairing our roof on Sunday. They came, one man short, because one of the lads was 'hung 0ver' thus leaving them shorthanded. My John had to be 'roofers mate' and so he didn't get the time to do the things that he'd said he would. ie de-spider my shed, and fix me with a solar powered shed light. He's promised to return soon and finish the job.

Monday afternoon was spent at the hospital having an assessment and making arrangements for Arthur to have more 'memory tests' I have to let them know when it's convenient, and they will set up a series of weekly tests which, when completed, will be compared to the ones that were done about ten months ago.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was spent getting ready for, and recovering from, a visit to yet another hospital where Arthur suffered yet more invasive examinations. The outcome to that, is that they are admitting him tomorrow morning to do a biopsy, but we will have to wait about ten days before we get any results of their findings. We have to leave the house at 7.45am, so will probably get up about 5.30!

I must tell you all, that Sandie's husband (and our brother-in-law) has been an absolute knight in shining armour for us this week. Not only did he take us to the hospital yesterday, but he has now offered to call for us tomorrow at quarter to eight, take us to the hospital, wait with me while Arthur in in theatre, and then bring us home again. He is doing all this on a day when Sandie and Len are preparing for, and expecting visitors for a nine day stay! They must be so busy, and yet they have time to spare for us. We are so grateful. Thank you both very much, God bless you.XX

I probably won't 'blog' tomorrow, but will let you know the next day how things are going


Saturday, August 11, 2007


I'm just letting you know that you won't be hearing a lot from me for the next three days. At least not on blogs. We are going to have a few unsettling and worrisome days, so may be a bit quiet. Tomorrow (Sunday) John is bringing his two stepsons (who are roofers) to come and do some repairs to our roof. That will be a bit wild as it always is when family get together. John is also going to de-spider my shed and fill a few holes for me. The next day, Monday, Arthur is going to the hospital to see the specialist that gave him all the memory tests nearly a year ago. They want to go over them again, to see how things have gone since the last visit. They haven't gone well, so I am a bit worried about what they will find when they do the next lot of tests. The next day Tuesday is the real humdinger. I've managed to get a private appointment with the specialist who did Arthur's prostate operation years ago. The NHS hospital has done tests and they are not happy and want him to go in and have a scan and biopsy. I'm trying to get it done privately, but my insurance will only let me if I have to wait more than six weeks. I thought that this would be a doddle the way the NHS is at the moment. When I rang our local hospital they said that it was urgent, and the latest they could leave it would be 30th Aug, so I booked that. I didn't tell Arthur, but that worried me. Now I'm worried to leave it as long as six weeks, and worried for him to go into a NHS hospital. The other problem is that the Specialist, Mr Parys, can't see us till 5 o/c Tuesday. Most of you are aware that our silly taxi service goes home at 4.45! I don't mind going extra early and just sitting around till we can see Mr Parys, which is what we will do, but it's the coming home again. The whole thing is a big headache and a big worry that I have to bear alone, because I daren't talk it over with Arthur! I don't know what the Specialist will find on Tuesday, or what his prognosis will be, or how I am supposed to deal with it! Any way that's why you won't be hearing much from me for a few days. Have a lovely week-end tomorrow. Let's hope the sun shines a little !